Ladybugs, free while they last

Free-range, live ladybugs, 189 at last count. A variety of lovely red and bright orange shades with delightful dark polka dots to brighten up your walls or windows. Have a garden-style room that you like to relax in? You need these! They will complete the theme! Each is about 3/8 inch in diameter. Some will spread their wings and treat you to aeronautic gymnastics.

Want to do amazing trick videos? You need these! Occasionally there is a friendly one that likes to perch on your shoulder. Amaze your friends as they watch you let a ladybug crawl up your raised hand, perch on the end, then lift off! Tame enough to let your friends join in the fun. Simple enough to let children give it a go, too.

Environmentally friendly! Do you have aphids on your indoor plants? You need these! Teach children the green way to deal with plant pests. No toxic chemicals. No any kind of chemicals.

Speaking of aphids, do you like awake at night, racking your brain for a science project for the kiddies? You need these! Fetch the plants with aphids, get the camera, let the kids draw a chart, add ladybugs, then record observations. Following science fair guidelines, of course. Simple.

Want a pet without a litter box or newspaper on the bottom of the cage? Tired of scooping up Rover’s presents? You need these! All are housebroken; never any output.

Hungry for a delicacy? Again, you need these! I don’t make any stipulation that these must be kept as pets. As I mentioned, they probably are organic. Covered with chocolate–has to be good. It’s protein on protein. Right? I’m just saying.

Need a varied diet for your pet lizard, turtle, or other reptile? You need these! Arachnids also might like them. Share them freely; there are always more arriving.

I will have another supply tomorrow, and another the day after that, most likely throughout the winter, but don’t delay — they die quickly here and I’d like to relocate them as soon as possible. Daily arrivals vary from a dozen to over 300 hundred.

Do NOT miss this deal!

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