Crystal Wonderland

Today is day two of one of the most awesome sights in the hills around my home. Yesterday morning, I awoke to ice-covered trees. It was well below freezing all day, so today I was graced with another day of jaw-dropping awe. I’ve had iced trees here before, but usually it melts off after an hour or less. This time, as the sun moves across the sky hour after hour, it highlights a hill of trees there, a ridge over there, even the valleys, for miles, turning the ice to a glowing white canvas of crystal branches. These photos are from below the trees, but looking out my wall of windows, I have an even better show from above. Yes, have. It’s still there.

icy trees 3 icy trees 4 icy trees 2 It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow–Christmas Day–so I doubt it will still be there to share with guests. But that’s okay.

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