Hitchhiker? Hijacker?


Hitchhiking…or hijacking?

My husband and I saw this little guy pacing the back of a trash truck driving in front of us today, but sans ladder. He had nothing to hold onto at 40 mph. Gives new meaning to belly flop. He hit the shoulder hard, slid quite a ways, looked around, panting, as I rode by. In the rear view mirrors, we saw him get up and scamper across the road toward the woods and creek.

Being a writer, I immediately brainstormed his sitting around the dump tonight, telling the other raccoons about his UFO experience where he was minding his own business in a trashcan, only to be swallowed up into the belly of a huge, noisy ship. Lucky to escape with his life before they performed “experiments” on him. 🙂  You know this one would’ve ended up in a book.

OTOH, an author of a different genre could relate the coon’s foiled attempt to hijack a trashtruck for the big bash tonight.

God, sometimes I miss writing!

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