Tons more tomatoes than expected

In October!

Look what my husband found! After feeding various marauding animals this spring with fresh, tender plants and green tomatoes, followed by our triple digit drought, I gave up on homegrown tomatoes. See, I’m responsible for watering them. No sense watering stubs!

For some unknown reason, my husband went out back a week ago to cut down the weeds in the garden. He found pounds of tomatoes, a few red, mostly green. He’s treated me to fried green tomatoes–yum!

He took all the green tomatoes and did one of two things with them. Some he hung from their vines in the garage. He draped a sheet around them so if they fell off the vine, they would tumble safely into the sheet until he harvested them. Good idea, too, or we’d have tomato stains on the concrete floor. Others he put into a cardboard box. When tomatoes in either group begin to turn red, he brings them inside. We eat a couple every day, yet the supply on the counter keeps growing.

I had planned on skipping new plants next year, but I’ve changed my mind. I’ll just upgrade the garden against the little thieves.

More turning red every day.

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