“Halve” your cake and eat it too!

Disregarding the many opinions on what exactly it means to have your cake and eat it, too, my husband and I experimented with halving a box cake mix and saving the second half for later, and I’m here to tell you how we did it. We just can’t eat a whole cake. I barely eat any processed sugar, so the responsibility for consuming most of it falls to him. Poor baby. We like Duncan Hines cakes; Golden Yellow is our favorite. We don’t like the mixes that add pudding and other things to make the cake moist; Golden Yellow is always moist. I buy nothing else anymore.

The recipe calls for three eggs; a little tough to halve. Thinking this would be our first try of several, we used two eggs to see what would happen. Halved the oil and water. We cooked it in a rectangular glass pan that I received at my wedding shower decades ago.

It rose a lot. A whole lot. Kind of what I expected from the extra egg, but it was still surprising to see how much. Using the different size pan, we winged it with the toothpick test. First night, I had a bite, I would call it airy, like eating a cloud. The second night, I discovered he had iced the rest of it with dark chocolate icing. Okay, that was too tempting. I love dark chocolate and had more than one bite. It was firmer, definitely different than making the whole cake at once with three eggs, but still really good. Moist. The third night, I added sliced strawberries. Have to eat healthy food, you know. Perfect. I doubt we’ll make any changes when we mix and bake the second half.

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