Whirlpool & the Twilight Zone

My Whirlpool Duet clothes washer has sort of gone on the blink, just under its one-year anniversary date. But this isn’t a blog about anniversaries or malfunctions. It’s a blog about:

Do-do-do-do … do-do-do-do … (Twilight Zone music)

I threw my husband’s work clothes into the washer after he weed whipped a couple areas of our yard, “knowing” that all those pesky little 1/4-inch grass clippings would wash right down the drain. But when they were finished and I transferred them to the dryer, they littered the floor with those same grass clippings. So many that I had to vacuum them up. The rubber door gasket was full of water and debris. I called Best Buy Geek Squad because Best Buy gave me a 5-year warranty when I bought the machine. They scheduled a repair and told me in the meantime to:

Do-do-do-do … do-do-do-do …

Go buy Affresh, available in the detergent aisle at any store that sold laundry detergent. Target was handy. Found the Affresh. Went home. Walked in the door and

Do-do-do-do … do-do-do-do …

There was a light blinking on the control panel. Directions were that it was time to clean my machine with Affresh. Really!

Do-do-do-do … do-do-do-do …

How did it know?? Now?? Within one hour of calling for service.

Do-do-do-do … do-do-do-do …

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