Buyer Beware: Hughesnet

12.14.2011: Holy crap, they just don’t learn!! Hughesnet billed my credit card again. The credit card company handled this really efficiently by phone this time, as they had all documented information from me already. Now there is a block on Hughesnet making more charges on my card. Oh, and they had to give back the other money they took out of my account. I already have it. BUYER BEWARE

10.28.2011: Hughesnet update… They tried to bill my credit card again. Ha! Good thing I filed a dispute on their last charge since I discontinued service. Seems they don’t respect “Cancel my service.” BUYER BEWARE

10.16.2011: The Hughesnet rep called late in the evening, offering me a year of service for a savings of $240. I declined because, as you know from reading this, they’re already charging my credit card for the account I closed. He offered again, saying that IF I sign up again, THEN they will look into my “billing issue.” Um, can we say EXTORTION??

If you have your cc on file with Hughesnet for automatic billing, beware.

10.15.2011: I cancelled Hughesnet internet service recently. They offered me a couple months free, all I had to do was call back and tell them I was done. They suggested I keep them, for free, in case Verizon wireless didn’t work out as well as I hoped. So I did exactly as they said and called back on the day I was told to call. Again they offered me a couple months free. So I did the same thing, called back on the day I was told to call. No more free offers this time. No problem . . . or so I thought. Then I receive a suspicious email from Hughesnet about checking my statement. Excuse me? I shouldn’t have a statement. I went, checked, and found out they’ve been charging my cc for the “free” time. I call them. They “can’t do anything” and tell me to “dispute it with your credit card company.” Believe me, I had that letter begun before the phone call was finished! I not only disputed the charge, I instructed my cc company to refuse any future charges from Hughesnet.

I’ll post any updates here.

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