Noise pollution

One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century is the MUTE button on my remote controls. I have an idea for another one . . .

I was at the gas station today. 6 islands; 12 pumps. At least 3 different recorded messages coming over the loud speakers, one annoying advertisement after another. I didn’t have the fortitude to walk around and see if there were more different recordings going. Doesn’t BP know how irritating the extra noise is?? Don’t the neighbors complain?? Do they think I stand there, hear about a restaurant and think, Oh goody, I’ll go there! I honestly can’t identify even one ad that I heard; I just blocked them out

Marketing departments, get a clue: we’re not listening. There is too much noise competing with your ad. Save your money.

Anyone in gas station management: how about an OFF button (or a MUTE button) on each pump’s volume?

Car manufacturers: go ahead, install a device on my vehicle that will automatically turn that shit off when I pull up to the pump.

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