Authors sit at the computer all day in their jammies, eating pizza and chocolates. Everyone knows this, right?

Wait–let me stop laughing!

If you still think it’s true, then go read my Bio. Heck, while you’re at it, read a few of my books. You don’t pick up that kind of information eating pizza and chocolates. Nor did I take my pizza anywhere near the tiger I met while researching Alligator Alley. Yes, I know, there wasn’t a tiger in Alligator Alley–and kudos to you if you already know that! But there was one in Big Cat Country when I got a personal, one-on-one tour of its underground, behind-the-scenes area. (There may have been chocolate in my pocket; if so, I didn’t share.)

But you’re here for more information than that, right? So surf around a while, browse whatever interests you, choose a novel that suits your fancy or drop me a note via the contact form.

NEW: Princess in Denim now available in ebook. More information here.

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